Welcome to my new homepage, now completely remade in MVC.

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New homepage - Finally!

After multiple weeks of hard work, suffering and learning I've finally gotten a decent idea of how MVC works and howto make something decent in it. My old page were made with webforms which were a nice an easy way to make the page, but is not as easy to maintain and make changes to as MVC is. The page is still under development, and I do have a some ideas for some interesting things I still want to add.

On the adventure of a blog framework

My blog is now finally done! Now I might just need to make an admin panel for making and editing posts. If any one wishes to get the source code please feel free to contact me and we can make some agreements.

Jobs and Game development

While also working on this page and learnig MVC I also do look for work which I will be able to take care of and enjoy. I'm open for everything from full time to freelance work, and teaching in programming and math. I've for the past 24 I do still in my spare time use a fair amount of time to make games or game systems, which still is a big part of what I love to do. If you're interested in hiring me or have any business opputunities, feel free to let me know by contacting me by the contact page above. I also still do stream a lot which I also try to get back into and use a fair time on. I can be contacted there as well. If you wanna know when I stream follow me og twitter and twitch.